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In 2015, Kai Ming initiated a project to adopt a historical simulation game, Civilization, in the teaching “In Dialogue with Nature”. He enhanced the commercial game with materials more aligned with his teaching. As game-based learning is not popular in Hong Kong, Kai Ming has demonstrated its effectiveness to enhance students’ complex and strategic thinking. Around 500 students have since used the game as part of their assessment and provided very positive feedback. The work has been presented in the CUHK teaching and learning expos for the last 2 years, 4 international conferences, and 1 paper.



In 2014, Kai Ming initiated a project to develop micromodules for “In Dialogue with Nature” to help students without science background to understand better the readings. He invited other lecturers to join, supervised technical assistants and engaged student helpers to develop the micro-modules. As the micro-modules proved to be a convenient and useful learning tool, he expanded the scope and have generated now a total of over 200 micro-modules, involving around 20 teachers and experts. These micro-modules are now structured as an integrated platform that is available to all the students studying In Dialogue with Nature. The work has been presented in the CUHK teaching and learning expos for the last 4 years, 5 international conferences, and 3 papers. He is also a member of the Community of Practice for Micro-modules Development, dedicated to share his experience to all teaching staff at CUHK.


Science and General Education, Learning Analytics, and the use of e-learning in education (including the use of micro-modules and games).


  • Senior Lecturer, General Education Foundation Programme, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Representative of CW Chu College in Senate Committee on General Education

  • CW Chu College Final Year Project Supervisor

Dr KIANG Kai Ming

Senior Lecturer

General Education Foundation Programme

Member of CUHK eLearning

Community of Practice (eLCoP)

BEng in Mechatronic Engineering

(University of New South Wales)

MSc in Financial Engineering

(City University of Hong Kong)

PhD in Mechatronic Engineering

(University of New South Wales)

Accredited PASS supervisor



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