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Dr. HWANG Shui Shan, Isabel


Senior Lecturer

Year 1 Coordinator (Medical Faculty)

Assistant Dean

(Student Support, Faculty of Medicine)

Chairperson of CUHK eLearning Community of Practice (eLCoP) on MMCD

BSc in Biochemistry

(Queen Mary College, University of London)

MSc in Chemical Research

(Imperial College, University of London)

PhD in Physiology

(University of Hong Kong)

Accredited PASS supervisor



Isabel first started to experiment with the use of micromodules in her teaching in 2009. She has discovered the immense flexibility and other multiple benefits of using micro-modules to introduce both flipped and blended learning in her courses. The micro-modules she uses fall into several key categories, as follows:

  • Animated videos to teach human physiological functions (e.g. renal and cardiovascular functions; common heart diseases)

  • Real person videos to show structure–function relationships in the human body (e.g. the major skeletal muscles used in different sports)

  • Real person videos to teach practical skills (e.g. communication skills for nursing, pharmacy and public health students; spirometry; electrocardiography)

  • Case-based scenarios to test knowledge retention and critical analysis

In recent years, Isabel has collaborated extensively with other dedicated teachers in different departments and faculties, and recognises that active collaboration with like-minded people is a good way to maximise the learning benefits of micro-modules for teaching at CUHK.


Physiological and Bioethical Education, Use of e-learning on teaching and independent learning, eLearning community of practice (eLCoP) in micro-module development.


  • Undergraduate teaching (MBChB programme, non-medical programmes)

  • Level II Academic Adviser

  • Member of the Student Wellness Team (Medicine)

  • New Asia College Coordinator of pre-clinical medical students


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