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Dr. WONG Kwan Kit, Frankie


Senior Lecturer (Department of Geography and Resource Management)
Assistant Dean (Student Affairs, Faculty of Social Science)
Member and Facilitator of CUHK eLearning Community of Practice (eLCoP)

BSSc, MPhil, PhD

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



Over the past few years, Frankie developed 20 micro-modules with the support from the Micro-Module Courseware Development Grant Schemes (MMCDGS) 2015-16 and 2016-17 and the Strategic Development Fund from the Faculty of Social Science. The micro-modules have been implemented to support three courses including one major elective course, one general education course and one elective course (in the Master of Science programme). The micro-modules are all animated outputs with narration, subtitles and interactive activities to enhance students’ learning experiences. 
With the aid of the micro-modules together with innovative course design, uReply and flipped classroom pedagogy, he is able to make better use of class time for more interactive and in-depth discussion with the students. 
One of his courses, GRMD3104 Satellite Image Analysis, in which micro-modules are implemented, has been identified as one of the flagship courses in the Faculty of Social Science, which demonstrates significant e-Learning initiative. Besides, it is also the first blended-learning course with e-Learning components in his department.


Theory and application of remote sensing and spatial analysis techniques in various geographical-related issues.



  • Undergraduate teaching (BSSc in Geography and Resource Management)

  • Postgraduate teaching (Master of Science in Geoinformation Science)

  • Facilitator of CUHK e-Learning Community of Practice (Location-based Learning) 



Frankie took the initiative to adopt uReplyGO which provides the location-based service in his teaching and learning. The “GRM Trail” which shows various geographical interests within CUHK campus is the first product of location-based learning developed by his colleagues and himself. 
He also incorporated the location-based tool in the design of his overseas field studies in Thailand in summer 2019. Students were divided into groups and used uReplyGo to explore various communities in Bangkok.
Currently, he is working on a UGC-funded project titled “Augmenting Physical Learning Spaces with Location-based Services Using iBeacon Technology for Engaging Learning Experiences”. The location-based service is further enabled by iBeacon technology for more accurate positioning, which allows both indoor and outdoor teaching and learning applications.


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