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Dr. LAI Pit Shun


Senior Lecturer (Department of Chinese Language and Literature)
Member of CUHK eLearning Community of Practice (eLCoP)

BA (Hons), MPhil, PhD

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



In 2017, Pit Shun was among the first ones to produce short videos on the key concepts of the self-learning units in CHLT 1105 Self-Learning Chinese. These short clips became micro-modules that went in line with the original online teaching resources and assessment jointly developed by Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Self-learning Centre. Pit Shun try to use different expression styles like drama, interview and animation, in the production process of the short clips. He also invites students to participate in the video production, including script writing or the explanation of the main concepts in the clips, etc., so as to provide a more complete set of teaching materials to students who enrolled in the course. 
Since 2018, Pit Shun has actively participated in Cantonese-themed eLearning projects, which involves the design of a series of micro-modules and e-learning tools for both local and non-local students. Making use of the software like Storyline, these micro-modules include teaching videos, teaching notes, self-assessment quizzes and reference resources so as to provide motivated students with ample resources for self-study in Cantonese. 


Classical Chinese Novel, Classical Chinese Prose, Chinese Language Teaching and curriculum design and eLearning in Chinese Language Teaching



  • Senior Lecturer, Chinese Language Proficiency Course, CUHK

  • eLearning coordinator of Chinese Language Teaching Team (CHLT)



In 2016, Pit Shun developed "Language Map of CUHK"(中大文學地圖) APP, which acted as a support to the "CUHK Literary Walk"(中大文學散步). Based on a cartoon version of the campus map, the APP allows users to retrieve relevant creative works attached to the real location of different landscapes. This helps students relating article wordings with the real outlook of the landscape and experience an improvement in descriptive ability. In addition, the APP is equipped with a convenient submission function, which allows students to upload their creative works about the campus at anytime and anywhere. The best works will be added to the map regularly, which helps gradually enrich the APP content. With the support of the real-time interactive function powered by uReplyGO, the APP can support different kinds of interactive learning activities In the 2018-19, “Language Map of CUHK " had recorded over 1100 downloads and received 910 creative work submissions.


In 2016-19, Pit Shun served as a supervisor for 3 projects and a co-supervisor for 5 projects involving e-learning elements, such as Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG), Courseware Development Grant (CDG) and Micro-modules Courseware Development Grant (MMCDG). He is dedicated to making different types of e-learning tools in order to support the teaching and learning of Chinese Language Proficiency Courses (University Core).


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